Direction: Downtown

After last week’s panoramic introduction to downtown Kingston, let’s continue the journey down the major thoroughfare leading south … King Street.

Watch out for the bucket!

Direction: downtown

This part of the drive always gets me down — I expected all of the downtown neighbourhoods to be bustling hives of criminal activity, but the reality is sadder perhaps, because of the almost total abandonment of the area by both the good and the wicked. All that’s left are empty streets, derelict buildings, piles of rubbish and rubble on the pavements, and the rare pedestrian here seems to be hurrying to pass through this no-man’s land to a place less lifeless.

Fortunately, not all of downtown is so sad and deserted, as you will soon see.

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  1. I get the impression I have seen the grey hair, just visible in the ‘white out’ picture, somewhere before.

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