De time so bleaky

The title of this post refers to the overcast skies we’ve been having lately in Kingston. For photography, the stark whiteness is something terrible to deal with. No amount of fiddling with contrast or brightness can save the sky because there is simply no data recorded. This means an extra step or two in the darkroom, blending in a sky from a different photo, or from an underexposed version of the image, if you had the foresight to bracket.

See, just four months into digital photography and already I can bore most normal people within seconds!

Onto the pics …

First up, one of many once imposing buildings now gutted and abandoned.

Abandoned building 02

There are many remnants of a former grace and attention to detail, as in this archway.

Beautiful archway 01

Finally, to show that not all of downtown commerce is rundown … as New York has the Chrysler Building, as London has the Lloyds Building, so Kingston boasts … the Panadol Building!

Panadol Building

In case you might think the street was deserted, I should add that I have taken out the various people and cars that were in the original image.

7 thoughts on “De time so bleaky”

  1. I love old buildings or structures. And it is wonderful to see other folk feel the same way.

    As a photographer I must concur that sunlight is a digital photographer’s nightmare. Hazy days and skies are much better.

    Again, your photos are well captured.

  2. Great photos! Thanks for the post on old buildings. Lived there as a small child… your photos stir both sadness and hope for conditions to improve in Jamaica.

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