Driver! Don’t stop at all

Drawing to the end of my series of images of downtown Kingston, I post below the first part of a drive I took last week with my good friend, Barry White.

I know, it’s the voice.

If all goes according to plan, Part II will include a drive round the main square, Sir William Grant Park (during which you will be grateful that the Internet cannot transmit the overpowering stench of urine and human feces), before heading up one of the most famous streets in music history: Orange Street. We’ll end up at Studio One and see the plan to develop a museum dedicated to the myriad stars who cut their teeth and their first records there.

Part III will begin with a cold one at the original Tastee patty restaurant, site of the Tastee Talent Competition, which most famously gave us Yellowman many moons yore, then scoot quickly through the garrisons of West Kingston: Arnette Gardens, Trench Town, Rema, Tivoli Gardens and Greenwich Town.

On with the show!

5 thoughts on “Driver! Don’t stop at all”

  1. There were many old structures I saw along the way. From an architectural point of view I would be in photo heaven.

    It was good seeing the video footage. One can now put a face to an area, a place.


  2. great video, love the site and your photographs was supposed to be going back to Kingston in July but can’t now so your brutal video and amzing panoramas tug at my heart strings (in a good way) everytime.


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