Shaking Up Orange Street

Part II of my downtown tour should be loading below. It took a little longer to finish than I’d hoped, partly because I wanted to make it look better than my previous clip, and partly because uploading it to YouTube is very very slow.

As I’ve recommended previously, if your bandwidth is as bad as mine, I would click “play”, then the little “pause” button, and go and boil the kettle. That will give the clip some time to download and give you smoother playback.

5 thoughts on “Shaking Up Orange Street”

  1. I used to catch my bus home from high school dowh there for years. Also used to bus thru there on the way home when I worked further up Orange Street in the early ’80’s

  2. Ria – this is fabulous. Made me want to leap on a plane NOW. Especially loved the soundtrack – more music please. Have proper broadband at last so can catch it…

  3. @ Bruno –> I look forward to seeing the full documentary. I’m glad you managed to get Lee Perry … even though he doesn’t make a lot of sense when he talks, to my mind he is the greatest Jamaican musical artist.

    @ MB –> Were you at Kingston Tech? I had you pinned as a Wolmer’s boy.

    @ Granny P –> Funny you should mention leaping on a plane NOW … I have the exact same reaction … but in the opposite direction.

    Stay tuned …

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