Future anterior

Here’s another neologism for you — premem — similar to my previous new word, and also triggered by one of my children. It means “pre-memory”, and while sounding like something out of a Philip K. Dick story, my meaning refers to a more intimate epiphany, one of those “golden moments” when you can already visualize, at the moment it occurs, the image as a memory in the future.

I think this photo captures the spirit of a premem, playing as it does on mimicking old technology (pinhole photography) and the kind of future memory I can imagine having of my child, overcoming fear through determination and pleasure-seeking.

Walking the wavebreaks

4 thoughts on “Future anterior”

  1. Photo itself looks like a premem – more than just the spirit of it. Love the idea/picture anyway if not the word itself which is ugly. Can’t someone come up with a better one?

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