Sidewalk scholar

Sidewalk scholar

I almost fell out of the taxi, holding baby J under one arm and dragging out her buggy behind me.

Source of great amusement to the devout beggars lining the sidewalk around the mosque. Baby J waved wildly at the old men and got big smiles in return.

Having broken the ice, I asked the nearest guy if I could take his picture. He immediately snatched up his reading and peered at it intensely — the look of a serious scholar.

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He loved the picture.

4 thoughts on “Sidewalk scholar”

  1. I heard of men trying to impress the opposite sex with a smiling baby but never heard of anybody trying this out on a devout beggar.

  2. Beautiful image of the old man. Apparently,he is a natural.Interstingly,his scholarly look enhances the image.

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