Sibling rivalry 2.0

As technology evolves, so do the arguments between siblings. Until recently, we heard outraged voices shrieking

“Mama! She broke my Wookie!”


“Don’t touch my My Little Pony stud farm!”

Things grew quieter when they started squatting in front of our laptops and watching Youtube and playing online games (with obligatory headphones).

Two days ago, however, I foolishly told our two oldest kids about using our Wii to surf on our wide screen TV. I have to admit that it slipped out because I was excited about getting something so cool for free. I had previously tried to use the TV as a screen for one of the laptops, but the resolution was too poor, especially now that we get snooty about anything under 1080i these days.

We downloaded the Internet channel for the Wii and sat in hushed awe as we navigated some favourite sites using the wiimotes.

By this morning, however, the thrill was already gone, and from opposing corners of the couch came the old voices:

“How come his Youtube works and my doesn’t. It’s not fair!”

“You’ve had two goes already on “Dressing Up Beverly Hills” while I was peeing! It’s my turn now!”

Plus ça change …

The good news is that today is the last day of the holidays.

Yayyy! (You can almost hear the echoes around the neighbourhood.)