Orange was the color

In between the creche and the day job is Balans, a cobbled street that splits at a hilltop, curves behind the Abbey walls and rejoins in front of St Joris, built in 1582. And within Balans is a small fountain with four jets shooting straight up. Best appreciated by students who love throwing in a pack of washing powder and watching the foam, the Mayor’s office has decided to include the fountain in the city’s royal festivities next week by colouring the water orange, the symbol of the Netherlands, still nominally ruled by the House of Orange.

In between the creche and the day job, I pulled the car over and dusted off my camera for a couple of shots:

Orange sets the tone for the visit of the Queen
With the royal visit drawing near, the fountain by the Abbey walls has taken on a patriotic colour.
Fanta coloured foaming fountains
Imagine it was Fanta!

The previous night being Students’ Night (Thursday), the fountain was foaming with suds whiter than white, but with the water turned orange for the Queen’s visit, my son licked his lips and grinned: “Imagine it was Fanta!”

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