Student howlers

After several days of solid marking, I’m relieved to say that I have finished all 100 exam papers from my nursing students. On reflection it was too easy, some of the sections getting 100% correct answers in every paper; either that or I have exceptionally gifted students, or they have an exceptionally gifted teacher. :-D

What was certainly true was that it was an exceptionally boring exam to mark. Next time I’ll make them draw some pictures and I’ll grade how well they keep in the lines.

My frowning face was occasionally replaced with a smile when I came across a funny answer in a gap-fill sentence — so much more satisfying than multiple choice.

Some examples:

  • You should puncture a patient with a needle.
  • We use tweezers to transport a patient who can’t sit up.
  • A triage nurse makes an initial problem.
  • Dead patients are taken to the window.
  • Each bed produces 4.5 kg of sweat daily.

And my favourite …

  • Arms and legs are called … arms and legs.

I live for the little things that bring joy.