A little light relief

We are just entering a two-week period of exams and already my desk is beginning to overflow with papers to grade and regrade. While invigilating one exam this morning, filled with familiar faces of students taking the same exam for the nth time, I was inspired (actually the opposite) to make a little satire of the exam system.

Here is the result:

Sadly this animation is no longer available. I used Xtranormal to make it it, but forgot to save a copy off-site. When Xtranormal went down, my animations disappeared.  :cry:

One thought on “A little light relief”

  1. Hi Ria! I just figured you’ve again become active on your blog for some time (sorry for my delay in discovering it), and I am so excited! I absolutely agree with you about exams… A great photo! Inspiring, indeed. Say hi to your family, and big kisses and hugs.

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