Pulling a sickie

Actually I am ill, really ill, really. It’s a killer cold, already shared by everyone else in my inner circle, now reaching me, the most disease-resistant member.

It’s also out of consideration for my colleagues that I’m staying home — no one would appreciate my sputum-rattling cough and explosive, spluttering sneezes.

Which means I find myself in a rare situation: at home with no one else here. A few hours of unrestricted access to music I enjoy listening to (not Pitbull, for example); and uninterrupted, full-concentration “work” on own projects.

So far I’ve started copying old home videos onto the server and set up G+ to crosspost to my WordPress blog, although I’m afraid that at some point all my posts will get sucked into an infinite loop, ending in a spinning fireball of death (I think that’s the correct technical description).

I lost almost an hour trying to connect the dvd drive to the server, almost going so far as to install a special toolkit. I just didn’t get it! I tried all the USB ports, and each time, the drive powered up but failed to appear onscreen. Finally I checked the back of the drive — the USB lead was not fully in! And that was the end of my problems. Sheepish is how I felt.

The second item is the reason for this post, to test whether it is automatically crossposted to my blog at riabacon.com.

My To Do List for the rest of the day:

– Print a photo (no small effort when one’s photo workflow is so convoluted that a typical session usually ends after two hours of catalog management, with no actual output)

– Make a Prezi to show my vision of flexible language learning programs at my university (also useful for future job pitches)

– Make lots of squelchy synth noises with my Korg midi controller and Ableton Live (thanks Santas-in-law!)

– Update various websites

– eat, bathe, brush teeth, do laundry, get food, cook