End of the Non-aligned Movement

First HDR photo using a tripod, which means no more caffeine-induced wobbly hands and blurred photo merging.

What do you think?


Spanjardstraat (HDR image)

2 thoughts on “End of the Non-aligned Movement”

  1. Ria,

    Delete the lamps and th red stripe (it may be a pole to keep the cars out) and you have a Berckheyde

  2. Discovered your blog by accident- checking my own: STET The Life, Struggles and Corrections of an ADHD Brain. Apologies for the title clash, I only set it up a few weeks back. I doubt whether I will thieve any of your traffic.

    Love your description: First they came for the verbs etc.
    And the picture is superb. I love the thin brick from the top of France northwards


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