Chicken tonight


Tiger, Tiger

Tiger, Tiger

Blond-haired Dutch boy celebrating his fifth birthday.

Santa never sleeps

My three-hour ragù joined the risotto base at 5 pm, sat cooling while I made today’s dinner (pork and apple stew). Once the little ones were abed, I set up a super supplì production line, trying to recapture the memory of our years in Rome.


Can’t wait to hear the reactions tomorrow, at our four-team, twelve-tapas Xmas dinner.

I’m entering my supplì in the “Best Italian starter with rice” category

Trending fashion for Fall 2012: Lederhosen!

When we bought our current house three years ago, we inherited the mail order subscriptions of the previous owners. And try as we might to stop the monthly flow of clothes catalogues, we are still regularly inundated with bizarre fashion magazines.

None, however, reached the heights of the latest arrival.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you THE fashion statement of Fall 2012:

Lederhosen are back!

And when you’ve finished laughing, check out the prices — these guys are serious! The lederhosen alone cost 250 euros!

And for the ladies … I’m sorry to say that I’ve already thrown out the issue with the Bavarian hunting smock with felt cap and falcon feathers, but this is still pretty … amaaaazing:

Ladies' fashion Fall 2012

Snoods are back!

Ria Galleria revamped

After a frustrating few years using PixelPost (I’m slow to frustrate), I finally revamped with WordPress. There’s something so comforting about a fresh WordPress install — it’s so familiar and reliable, but always coming up with neat new surprises (version 3.4 has über-cool live previews).

Ria Galleria relaunch
Ria Galleria relaunch

If only every relationship had that magic mix, just like me and Mr B.