Test mobile upload

Test mobile upload by Ria Bacon
Test mobile upload, a photo by Ria Bacon on Flickr.


Roquebrun by Ria Bacon
Roquebrun, a photo by Ria Bacon on Flickr.

Moving house, by bike

Moving house, by bike
Have bike will travel

Students are beginning to drift back into town, clogging the bookshops with their reading lists for Art History and Unemployability (Comb. Hons.)

Proving the Dutch can do anything with a bike, I spotted these intrepid housemovers while cycling back from the crèche. With a child perched on front and another seated behind, I snapped off this shot while straddling my own bicycle.

4 wheels bad,
2 wheels good!

Future proofing

I’m trying to get my head around joining up various online activities. It’s a challenge, which may be ultimately pointless, but the potentialities of crossover are too inviting.

Current linkups include Squeezebox to and from Flickr, LastFM and Facebook; Stet (this blog) to and from Flickr, LastFM and Twitter, with a pending bug query for Wordbook for Facebook integration.

I have a nagging feeling that this type of laborious cross-linking will seem hilarious in the future, say about three years from now.

My 10-year-old daughter has already checked out of life and in to a virtual world, Habbo, where she is currently working as an unpaid doctor.

Is this the future?


I happened to pop over to Mininova to get something for the weekend. All my searches came back empty. Then I noticed the banner at the top of the page and clicked on the latest blog post.

It’s a familiar story, and one I’ve followed, all the way back to Napster in ’99. Ahh, happy days. The social interaction of the early Napster was half the fun, being able to browse each other’s collections and chatting about shared interests. Then came Limewire, WinMX, and Shareaza — that last one ended in a particularly bizarre situation, when the site was hijacked by an organization linked to the RIAA that proceeded to distribute infected files.

Now I’m curious to see how quickly a new sharing service rises, as it surely will.

Update 091201: Lifehacker provides a useful list of alternatives to Mininova.