Teenage cockroaches

Teenage cockroaches

Can anyone enlighten me or should I call them?

Kingston contrasts

The secret of a good joke is incongruity, the familiar placed in an unfamiliar setting, either with sharp contrast or through the shock of the unexpected. Likewise, many of my favourite photos are centred on the incongruous, usually when something piques my warped sense of humour (see an extreme example here).

In a country like Jamaica, where the contrasts between the haves and have-nots are so strong, there are often great opportunities at spotting incongruities.

The first picture is of the same bar as in the previous post. The billboard image and text contrast strongly with the realities of business at street level.

Kingston contrast

And in contrast to the appalling daily reports of shootings and killings, I came across this silent study group in a hotel coffee shop.

The laptop cabal

I particularly liked the contrast between the faces in the painting and in the flesh.

The laptop cabal - detail

All I want from Santa

A long infomercial in yesterday’s Gleaner newspaper began with the following photo and headline:
A must for your home

The best part was the following text:

All members of the response team are well trained in firearm handling, tactical shooting, and covert action and customer relations.

Imaginary dialogue:


Tanks fe de glass a ice wata, mam.

4 mega bint – working group

Below is a summary of the main points raised at the abovementioned meeting.

P. Collina (Chair)
E. Corini
G. Buffon
C. Vieri
F. Totti
M. D’Agata (rapporteur)

1. Regarding reactions and results of the recent Telecom Italia campaign, Mr Collina reported that sales of cable had experienced a positive boost but that actual new subscriptions to Telecom’s Internet service had been disappointing. The Chair stressed that future copy should be more on-message but with out-of-the-box thinking.

2. Mr Buffon noted that Libero had requested a new novel and innovative proposal for its 4 megabit flat-rate ADSL service.

3. Mr Corini suggested 10-foot-high blocks spelling out “4 mega”. It was noted that one couldn’t get much more bloody on-message than that.

4. Mr Vieri proposed that a tall, bleached-blond model in a skimpy silver-lamé dress and stilettos, her hand casually pulling up the skirt

5. The working group applauded and adjourned for lunch.

6. Mr Totti added a pear.

Pear-shaped (detail)


The meaning of life

A Reuter’s report of yesterday:

Feel like a cup of tea, but don’t have the time to brew one up? Pop a “tea pill” instead.

Why would I do that? Isn’t the whole point about tea that you actually take the time to make it then blow and sip it slowly, sit back and relax for ten minutes?

The inventors say the pill “peps you up just like a traditional cuppa.”

Hey, if you want to get pepped and can’t wait for the kettle to boil, try crystal meth.

Me, I’m stickin’ with tea, old school.

– Disgruntled b.o.f., Rome