Driver! Don’t stop at all

Drawing to the end of my series of images of downtown Kingston, I post below the first part of a drive I took last week with my good friend, Barry White.

I know, it’s the voice.

If all goes according to plan, Part II will include a drive round the main square, Sir William Grant Park (during which you will be grateful that the Internet cannot transmit the overpowering stench of urine and human feces), before heading up one of the most famous streets in music history: Orange Street. We’ll end up at Studio One and see the plan to develop a museum dedicated to the myriad stars who cut their teeth and their first records there.

Part III will begin with a cold one at the original Tastee patty restaurant, site of the Tastee Talent Competition, which most famously gave us Yellowman many moons yore, then scoot quickly through the garrisons of West Kingston: Arnette Gardens, Trench Town, Rema, Tivoli Gardens and Greenwich Town.

On with the show!

De time so bleaky

The title of this post refers to the overcast skies we’ve been having lately in Kingston. For photography, the stark whiteness is something terrible to deal with. No amount of fiddling with contrast or brightness can save the sky because there is simply no data recorded. This means an extra step or two in the darkroom, blending in a sky from a different photo, or from an underexposed version of the image, if you had the foresight to bracket.

See, just four months into digital photography and already I can bore most normal people within seconds!

Onto the pics …

First up, one of many once imposing buildings now gutted and abandoned.

Abandoned building 02

There are many remnants of a former grace and attention to detail, as in this archway.

Beautiful archway 01

Finally, to show that not all of downtown commerce is rundown … as New York has the Chrysler Building, as London has the Lloyds Building, so Kingston boasts … the Panadol Building!

Panadol Building

In case you might think the street was deserted, I should add that I have taken out the various people and cars that were in the original image.

Direction: Downtown

After last week’s panoramic introduction to downtown Kingston, let’s continue the journey down the major thoroughfare leading south … King Street.

Watch out for the bucket!

Direction: downtown

This part of the drive always gets me down — I expected all of the downtown neighbourhoods to be bustling hives of criminal activity, but the reality is sadder perhaps, because of the almost total abandonment of the area by both the good and the wicked. All that’s left are empty streets, derelict buildings, piles of rubbish and rubble on the pavements, and the rare pedestrian here seems to be hurrying to pass through this no-man’s land to a place less lifeless.

Fortunately, not all of downtown is so sad and deserted, as you will soon see.

Cable & Wireless Jamaica

The hiatus since my last post was not (only) due to my lack of time or inspiration, but because Cable & Wireless, owners of the DSL line that I use, cut me off for five days. I had forgotten to pay my phone bill, and ten days later, the line was suspended. I immediately paid the outstanding amount and the phone line was back on within seconds. Not so the DSL. It took five days of patient and persistent complaining to C&W Customer Service (an oxymoron) before the line was back in synch. I had to explain the situation over a dozen times, and each time the response was inadequate.

What is the problem with the line?
It *should* be working.

When will it be fixed?
You are in a queue and will be dealt with in due course.

How many other cases are in the queue and how long will it take before I am dealt with?
Within 24 hours/within five days/between five and ten working days …

WHAT THE …?! (as my six-year-old says)

It’s back up now, so I guess I should just be grateful, right? No way! By the power of Google ranking and Technorati tags I shall have my revenge! Muahahahaha! Oh yeah, and don’t think this is the first time.

Technorati tags for this post:
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Fact of life

Not every ugly duckling grows up to be a swan.

Duck head

And that’s just fine.

Hope Gardens kids