The Cabinet of Doctor Ceysar

Just back from the dentist’s.

And how's Mrs Zombie?

Mr B. had warned me that Dr Ceysar did not have much a bedside manner, which was fine by me since I never really enjoyed chatting to the dentist with an anaesthetized jaw.

– So did you have a good holiday?

ggshugnbr bevvfrna shuhptuh

– Yes, I’m sure it must be lovely at this time of year.

Instead I got

– Pain where?

– Ah! (sounding pleasantly surprised)

– Have you ever had root canal work on this tooth?

The horror!

He’s booked me
for a triple session next Thursday.

Bruno Bozzetto – Champion animator

Click to watch clip

This is Bozzetto’s hilarious take on how the Italians differ from the rest of Europe. I particularly like the cafe scene where you hear how many ways you can order your coffee. They know no shame in being fussy – on the contrary, it’s a sign of fine culture and good taste.

Un cappucco scuro senza schuima, Mario!

For those who want to know exactly what to order, here’s a helpful guide for beginners.

For another of Bozzetto’s masterpieces, this time on driving in Italy, see here.