On the road again, again

Diptheria, tetanus & polio booster? — check!
Hepatitus A & B? — check!
Meningitis ACWY? — check!
Rabies I, II & III? — check!
Typhus fever? — check!
Mantoux test? — check!
TB — check!
Yellow fever? — check!
Malaria tablets? — check!

We feel like a family of pincushions after all the vaccinations we’ve had these last few weeks.

No, we’re not staying in the Netherlands. And no, we’re not returning to Jamaica.

… So where oh where are we going?

Photos in motion

Here are a couple of examples of a very neat little program called Sqirlz, which makes water-related animations out of photos. In the first example, of Villa Sonsbeek in Arnhem, I tried to capture the slow swell of a breeze-blown lake. I’d give it 5/10.

In the second example, more appropriate for this time of year, I tried out the “snow” option, which is based on the “rain” option. I mention this because it is quite hard to generate a realistic impression of falling snow. In the program “Help” file, it states that speeds of under 1.0 will be jerky in the movie loop. The problem is that any speed over 0.6 is like a blizzard. As a compromise, I set the speed to 0.5, then when I saved the file as a Flash file, I set the frame rate to 10/sec, rather than the default 15, thereby slowing the movement.

What do you think? I’d give it 7.5/10.

For the eagle-eyed among you, this is the same tree-lined path that I photographed in autumn: Grimm Times and A walk in the woods.

He’s coming!

He's coming!