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Destination Beaufort, Hérault. So laid back the weather forecast is for last week.

Verse-moi encore du Ricard, il fait beau, fin d’histoire !


There’s no Internet connection in the rental villa, so I’m also looking forward to reading a lot, with a tall glass of chilled wine and the sound of cicadas in the pines.

I borrowed some books from our local library this week, for only the second time in 18 months. We go almost every week, but I usually focus on getting stuff for the kids and making sure they’re not trashing the comic book section. Our visits end with me cursing impatiently as I try to finish all the jigsaw puzzles the little kids have emptied out — Those 36-piece ones are a bitch!

This last visit, I managed to sneak away for a couple of minutes to find some books for myself. I only got to Amis, Adiga, Barry and Chabon before the Samster started climbing up my leg. I shook him off, hid round the other side of the bookcase and grabbed a Roddy Doyle. At this rate I might make it halfway through the alphabet by … 2014.