Whoring’s too good for you

With the huge rush of interest in automatic blog referrals, I’ve seen lots of comments about becoming addicted to BlogExplosion, BlogClicker & Co. And I have to admit I got sucked in too. But I rarely do more than glance at each blog, just get on with something else while waiting to move on to the next site. The same thing happens with my “visitors”, judging from the stats. I feel a bit of an idiot, waiting to click the fish, hat or car, as if we’re actually being used as part of a global psychology experiment. I’m sure there are other test groups made up of rats, pigeons and monkeys. They get a peanut each time they wait and click the right image – I get a “mystery prize” of five more credits. Who’s the smart one?

Another comment that’s doing the rounds is, “I’m such a blog whore!” That’s giving whoring a bad name. At least there there’s more discrimination on each side. But maybe I’m wrong…

10 000 prostitutes

Have to take the movies back to the co-op, Monsieur Hire and Dogville. Didn’t watch either of them. I can’t seem to get engaged by films these days. Once the kids are in bed and we’ve cleaned up, I prefer either to do something creative, like make music or twiddle on the computer, or just unwind with a glass of wine and a bath. A movie is neither demanding enough nor relaxing enough. “Get something like Godzilla next time,” Mr B. suggested. Maybe he’s right.

It’s not all our fault, though. I mean Monsieur Hire is a miserable attempt to garner sympathy for a peeping tom, because in French that’s not as dirty as in English (?). It was written by Georges Simenon, creator of Inspector Maigret, a man who boasted of having “had” 10 000 women, almost all prostitutes. He told his wife, “You were born the day I met you.”

Y a plus rien à dire !

And Dogville? The acting is as wooden as the scenery. Even my beloved Lauren Bacall is hopeless, disclaiming her lines as if she were Lady Macbeth.